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We have a range of arts and crafts including pottery painting.

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Celebrate a birthday with a arty paint party!

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Walk In Arts & Crafts

Hate the chaos of soft play? Us too! Yet there is little else to do with children locally without having to travel. Especially on a rainy day! and lets be honest, that’s quite often!

At The Paint Room you wont hear “MUM!! Fred pushed me down the red slide backwards again!” “DAD!! I fell off the rope bridge and hurt my knee again!” …..We’ve all been there!

Instead, come and paint some pottery and spend some quality time with your children having fun in a calmer setting. Or take a little break in our comfy sofa area and have a coffee and a cake whilst your children enjoy painting.

Sometimes we get very busy! Especially weekends and during school holidays. If you ever come to paint and the studio is full, we’ll give you a voucher to use the next time you visit (and we’ll apologise a lot!)

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