Pottery painting for all ages
Teacher n/a
Age 3+
Class size 21
Duration 1hr 30min
Category Walk-in arts & crafts
from £3.00

We have hundreds of different pottery shapes to choose from including animals and children’s ornaments, money banks, plates, mugs, vases and more. We have something to suit every age and every budget.

No need to book just pop in any time that ‘walk-in’ arts and crafts are available on our timetable, choose your item and paint!

We have plenty of space with 21 seats for walk-in arts and crafts, but you can book if you’d prefer to guarantee your seat.

Occasionally we may be busy and if we’re at full capacity and have to turn you away, we offer a voucher to use on your next visit.

The cost of this session depends on the pottery item you choose to paint, each item is priced individually, starting at £3.00. Please note there is a £2.50 studio fee per person painting for this activity. Sign up as a member and never have to pay studio fees for the whole year, no matter how many times you visit! See our membership page for details.

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