Take Away Kits

Some children don’t like crowded places, some prefer to do things in the comfort of their own familiar surroundings, quietly, at their own pace, especially children with complex needs.

We therefore have the option of a ‘take-away’ kit. A box complete with everything you need to paint pottery at home or perhaps host your own pottery painting birthday party at home or at a venue of your choice. Maybe you’re going away for a few days and would like something for the kids to do our take away box could be the answer!

We have 5 boxes available for hire, of different themes. Unicorns, Mermaids, Cars and Monsters and a ‘You choose’ box.

The themed boxes contain 6 of the same pieces of pottery to fit the theme, for example our unicorn box would contain 6 x identical unicorn shaped pottery pieces ready for painting.
The ‘you choose’ box allows you to choose the pieces of pottery you’d like to take home in your box to paint.

You simply book a collection date, come and pick it up and return within 7 days.

Mermaid take away kit £50.00 for 7 days hire

Unicorn take away kit £50.00 for 7 days hire

Cars take away kit £50.00 for 7 days hire

Monsters take away kit £50.00 for 7 days hire

'You choose' take away kit £20.00 for 7 days hire - Plus the cost of the items you choose.
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